Saturday, February 6, 2010

Day 9:

You would never know from looking at Saturday's styles how devious our staff is...

Melinda looks sweet and simple with a minimalistic approach to her style.

Carly shocked the entire clientele when she wore her hair down and showcased her lovely dark locks. The key to styling fine hair is to not over-do your products. Too much can weigh down skinny strands, but products like Dirty Secret Dry Shampoo can give lift to any style.

Morgan wins today's round for cutest overall look. A silk scarf can change up a style dramatically (we've mentioned before how much we heart accessories!). She also curled tendrils in the front to make an all-over cute 'do for the day!

Crystal busted out a side-pony for Saturday's style (and a new cardigan and necklace from the Betty's Sale!). While her hair is getting long, it's not THAT long but a few extension pieces clipped in and no one is the wiser

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