Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Day 6

Happy Hump Day! Half way through the week... (p.s. not sure what is up with the font situation)

Morgan can pull off the effortless cute look better than anyone else in our salon. For those of you devoted to your flat irons, products like S-Factor Heat Defender can save your locks from damage and actually make the entire hair shaft more smooth. A basic style can still be switched up by a different part or by pinning back one side of the hair.

Carly stepped up to the plate even though she wasn't working. Her curls got looser and more wild by today and she accented her look with a vintage hair piece.

Katie rocked a pony with attitude. Pinning up your fringe will highlight your face and give you a look that is easy and elegant. The look is made softer by leaving out some of her textured layers to frame the face.

Crystal's color may look a little different today, but it's only a matter of parting. When you have multiple colors in your hair, a change in part can make a huge difference. By parting further on one side, her peacock colors become a little more subtle. Her curls are pinned up to create the allusion of a shorter style.
This picture hardly does justice to the awesomeness of Melinda's 'do. A curling iron and some bobbie-pins can give your look a 180. Back combing at the crown makes sure her style wont fall flat and a spritz of the Fun Times Flexible Hairspray from Rockaholic will hold her look all day.

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