Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Day 5

Curls seemed to dominate Tuesday's hairstyles...

Katie went for some soft waves to switch up her style. Products like the Totally Beachin' spray from Peace, Love and The Planet line give you the tousled, spent the day on the beach waves. Nothing too tight or over done here, just a soft style.

Brooke pinned up the back of her hair in a messy bun and let her layers fall where they may. If you are worried about pulling off a similar look without crossing the line from sexy bed head to just rolled out of bed, a little product can go a long way. Using a light pomade can piece out the layers left out of the up-do and a quick blast of the S-Factor Shine Spray pull the look together.

Crystal was looking to go more glam with her hair and a large barreled curling iron can do the trick. The bigger the iron the looser the look. Adding product before curling will help hold the curl longer and will be less damaging to the hair. Back-combing the top half and running your fingers through the curls will make the whole style softer.

Kelly channeled a little Farrah and added a little curl while letting the shorter layers of her hair flip out and add some edge to the style.

Carly used a teeny tiny curling iron to get these tight curls. Once curled, product and pins can complete the style. If you want to revamp your curls for a second day of wear, you can always use the Curls Rock Curl Booster from the Catwalk to rock those locks for one more day.

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