Saturday, January 30, 2010

Day 3

Saturdays at the salon are always fun! The weekend just brings a different attitude to both our staff and our clients (maybe it's the mimosas)!

Katie kept it simple by pinning up the top layer of her hair, while letting her flat ironed fringe be the stand out of her look.
Carly channeled some old school glamour with a side part and swooping fringe to make a basic hairstyle into an instant classic.

Kelly and Brooke are into the double photos and even have started incorporating props. Both ladies went for sleek and side swept. I few products (like S-Factor Smoothing Lusterizer and Dream Drops) can take even the most unruly locks and smooth them out for a simple yet sexy style.

Crystal was channeling Lady Gaga for her "HairBow" look. A quick twist in the back left the front smooth, so you can focus on the bow. She used extensions to fashion a bow and just bobbie-pinned the finished product on.

Friday, January 29, 2010

Day 2

Fridays are always a little crazy in the salon and today was no exception...

We were busy enough for Brooke and Kelly to have to pose together for their photo. Kelly's got some loose curls going on and Brooke switched up a basic 'do with multiple twisted pieces to pull back her bangs while also giving volume to the back.

The mohawk left Crystal's hair in need of some deep conditioning. The leave-in conditioner she used helped double as a styling aid to hold some not-so basic braids.

Melinda tried to sneak out of the shop without getting a photo, but we had to document the simple waves she rocked. Putting a little curl in your hair can easily transform a style into that bed head chic without looking like you actually just rolled out of bed.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

And so it begins...

Today was the kick off of our 30 Days of Hair competition...
Crystal decided to start it off with a bang and a backcombed mohawk. Much easier to create then you would imagine, she put 5 mini ponytails going down the center of her hair and then ratted the hell outta 'em. Being a devotee to the BedHead Hard Head Hairspray, she also didn't scrimp on shellacking her 'do to guarantee it held all day.

Kelly knows that a simple change in fringe can change the whole look of your hair. Flat ironed sides give her a sleek look, while her pinned up bangs keep it sophisticated and functional (no one wants a haircut from someone who can't see what they're doing! )

A simple pony can be made even better with a little product and backcombing. Katie rocked a pony and her new cute specs to start the competition. And check out that fringe! Personally, I think bangs are something everyone should try once ;)

Brooke was so busy cutting hair, that we had to snap her photo on the job. A high top knot and pinned up bangs completes her look of effortless chic!

Morgan was also rocking a pony, but left some face framing fringe on the sides while pulling her bangs off to the side. It's amazing how small changes can really turn one signature style into multiple different looks.

Carly busted out some product from the Catwalk Curls Rock line and got her waves in motion. Regardless of the natural wave (or lack there of) in your hair, a couple of minutes with a curling iron can make you look like you just stepped off the beach. (For you longer haired ladies, a couple braids while your hair is still wet, will do the trick as well)

Melinda's short cut may feel limiting to some, but pinning up the sides let the textured fringe frame her face and make the look different without being drastic.

We'll be uploading more as the days go on, so keep checking back for inspiration!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

30 Days of Hair

We are challenging ourselves and our clients to a 30 day challenge of Hair Awesomeness! All to often, our hair becomes safe and routine. Flat ironed for the office, high ponytail on the weekends. We get trapped into a style and it becomes less like and accessory and more like a habit. Think of it like a purse: you have the same one most every day… maybe you’ll switch it up for a cocktail party or out on a date, but 9 times out of 10 you’re locked into carrying the same bag day in and day out.

It’s time to start giving your hair the attention it deserves. You spend time applying the perfect makeup or obsessing over which jewelry goes with your outfit, so why not a hairstyle that complements your look?

For the next month, we are going to test our creativity by having a new hairstyle every day for a month. We’ll get a break on our days off, so it works out to be 20 different hairstyles. We’ll be competing as a salon against one another and we are inviting our clients to compete as well. What constitutes a “different hairstyle” can be anything from curls to fringe to a different part to hair accessories. The more creative you are though, the better your chances become.

The client who makes it to the end of the 30 Days of Hair with the most creative styles, will win a color and cut ($100+ value) from BoomSwagger. Obviously, we will need documentation so feel free to either upload the pictures to a photo album on your Facebook or drop of a cd of the images at the end of the month. 30 Days of Hair will start Thursday, January 28th and run 4 weeks to Thursday, February 25th.

Friday, January 8, 2010

The Challenge is Set

A couple weeks ago I was confronted by CarlyJ in our back office. "I have a challenge for you," she smirked, with one of the evil smirks so you know something is up. "As a salon, we are going to compete to see who can wear their hair differently everyday for an entire month."

Quite a challenge if you ask me, plus it's rumored that there are going to be some prizes worth competing for. But we're expanding it beyond just our merry band of 9, to those of our clientele who are savvy enough with a digital camera and a fine tooth comb to want to compete as well. Photographic evidence is key and also part of the grander scheme. (To make a sort of art-instillation in the salon of all our efforts in a month of different hairstyles.)

As of yet, the rules are a bit vague... Although it was made clear to me that a change in fringe counted. Obviously, we have 'effed over Mario's chances of winning (unless he finds 30 different hats to wear!) so apologies up front to him. Not sure how long the rest of the team will stick it out, but it should be interesting regardless.

This blog will try and chronicle the events in hair during the next month at Boom Swagger Salon.