Friday, January 8, 2010

The Challenge is Set

A couple weeks ago I was confronted by CarlyJ in our back office. "I have a challenge for you," she smirked, with one of the evil smirks so you know something is up. "As a salon, we are going to compete to see who can wear their hair differently everyday for an entire month."

Quite a challenge if you ask me, plus it's rumored that there are going to be some prizes worth competing for. But we're expanding it beyond just our merry band of 9, to those of our clientele who are savvy enough with a digital camera and a fine tooth comb to want to compete as well. Photographic evidence is key and also part of the grander scheme. (To make a sort of art-instillation in the salon of all our efforts in a month of different hairstyles.)

As of yet, the rules are a bit vague... Although it was made clear to me that a change in fringe counted. Obviously, we have 'effed over Mario's chances of winning (unless he finds 30 different hats to wear!) so apologies up front to him. Not sure how long the rest of the team will stick it out, but it should be interesting regardless.

This blog will try and chronicle the events in hair during the next month at Boom Swagger Salon.

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