Thursday, February 11, 2010

Day 13

Relax in time it's only Thursday...

Morgan's cute do is hiding some styling secrets. Her hair is not just pinned up on the sides, but held in place by tiny braids.

Melinda is all about the profile shots this week! Having your hair up is one way to look elegant without being overdone. Lots of bobbie-pins and some slick products are how you pull it all together.

Kelly's going flat out gorgeous today! Sleek and sexy is her theme for the day. Shiny hair always starts with a great shampoo and the Health Factor line from S-Factor not only promotes healthy hair but adds lustrous shine!

Katie's look is sleek and sassy! Backcombing at the roots (along with a little Your Highness Root Boost) gives this look a lift. Pinning up your bangs can change the shape of the style and let you highlight so kickin' makeup skills.

Crystal ran out of the salon without a picture, so she had to send one via camera phone. Little braids are a quick and simple option when you feel a little rushed (or lazy!!) and still want to look cute.

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