Monday, April 19, 2010

Coolest 8th Grader You Know!

Last Saturday we had Jordan come in with a couple ideas about having pop color pieces in her hair. She was definitely nervous and her mom even said the night before her appointment she was hesitating and wondering if she should go through with her idea.

I think she made a good choice ;)

Possibly some of the coolest pop color we've had in the shop, Morgan rocked this look for her incorporating blue, green and hot pink highlights within the dark chocolate base color. I am sure she'll be turning heads at school and making everyone jealous! (I know I am a little jealous and I'm 28!!) The best part about a client walking out of the shop looking awesome is that they become a walking billboard for the salon. If they're happy, they're going to spread the word.

Dozens of times a week, we get phone calls from people who have never been in but have a friend, co-worker or even a random stranger, whose hair they loved, who had been in to BoomSwagger.

It's all about word of mouth and for that we are forever in debt to our amazing clientele.

♥ BoomSwagger Crew

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