Wednesday, April 21, 2010

♥ BoomSwagger BFF's ♥

BoomSwagger BFF's

While brainstorming for our new promotion, we tried to think about what WE would want out of our salon experience. In these times, I feel like any sort of break on the cost of an appointment would be much welcomed by our bank accounts! But we also wanted it to be fun... So what better way to couple discounts with fun then invite our clientele to bring in a friend and get a discount for doing so. If you (or your friend) are already part of the BoomSwagger Crew and have been to us before, your discount is 5% off any service. If you are new to the salon, it's 10% off!

So, just to clarify, both regulars? 5% off each. Both new? 10% off! One new, one regular? 10% and 5% off respectively. The one catch is that you have to book the appointments together. Which is why it's the BoomSwagger BFF Special. Just remember to mention it when you're booking your appointments!

And BFF doesn't have to mean Best Friend Forever... It could be the Boy (from your) French Final or that Brunette Fannypack Fanatic you know.

Just another way we're trying to make putting Boom in your Swagger affordable on any budget.

BoomSwagger Crew

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