Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Think Pink!

Most people are either too shy or too scared to do a dramatic pop color in their hair (for anything other than a party or Halloween) but it's a great way to stand out in a crowd. Speaking from personal experience, I have had the Roy G. Biv of hair color through out my life (IE: every shade of the rainbow). But as I started to get into "real" adulthood (early twenties you can still squeeze out of the adult category) my pop color became non-existent. I was too worried about what people would say about a 28 year old with green and blue hair. Could I really sit in a business meeting and be straight faced when my hair looked like a peacock? As it turns out, I could...

Granted, I have it easier because I work at a salon. But I feel like pop colored hair is no different then tattoos or eccentric clothing and within reason, should have a place in the everyday business world.

That being said, we had an amazing chica come into the salon today to try out a vibrant shade of pink. She was in the very capable hands of Morgan, who has had a few clients request pop-colors in their 'dos before. And it turned out awesome...

She was thrilled and I was happy to see another "adult" take the chance on some color.

♥ Kash & the BoomSwagger Crew

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