Tuesday, March 16, 2010

New Products and March Makeup Madness!

After a much needed break, we are back on the blog! The big news this month is the new line of Catwalk Curlesque products. You may be familiar with the previous "Curls Rock" line from Catwalk which had the devotion of most every curly-haired female I know. However, Catwalk has started to restructure and rework their entire line and Curls Rock has transformed into Curlesque. The packaging has a much more refined look and the products are better than ever.

They kept the formulas on their best sellers like the Curl Amplifier the same (I think they would have had a riot on their hands otherwise), but added some fancy science-y stuff to some of their new styling products. For example, they now have two mousses in the collection which have "Total Style Recall Technology". In layman's terms, you can scrunch your second day hair back to the original style without the use of extra products, water, etc.

Our manager Crystal's perm is looking more full and less frizzy with the new products. And even though it's been a good 20 years since she used mousse, she's already purchased the Strong Mousse and is carrying it around in her purse in case of hair emergencies.

To get the full rundown on the new product line check out Tigi's website.

Also, this month is MARCH MAKEUP MADNESS!!! Which means any of the awesome Bedhead makeup that we carry can be snatched up for a steal. When you buy any three or more products you get 10% off the whole sha' bang. (and who needs only one eye shadow anyway?)

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